Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance

Do you have green, cloudy pool water, or “stuff” floating in your pool water?

Are you confused by all the different types of pool chemicals and how to balance your water?

Or, do you know how to balance your water but you want to make pool maintenance and ownership easier? 

We started the Sutro Blog for new, experienced, or soon to be pool and hot tub owners to help with these types of questions.

There is something for everyone whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert so come join us to make taking care of your pool or hot tub easier!

From understanding why to ask for pool water delivery to the underlying reasons why your pool water is cloudy, we’ll help you!

What chemicals are needed to maintain your pool?

There are many different types of pool chemicals available on the market today and that can make it challenging for anyone to understand.

For instance, did you know that certain types of pool chlorine products can actually increase calcium hardness? Or do you know what a chlorine stabilizer is? Or that using copper based algaecide and shocking your pool can turn your water and your hair green?

Check out our list of pool chemicals, why they are important, and what the pros and cons are for using them.

Pool cleaning and maintenance

Is your pool cloudy or turbid or do you have stains and don’t know how to remove them? How about cleaning your filter or how to open your pool after winter?

Doesn’t matter if you are a new pool owner or a experienced one, because on this blog we are going to help you regardless of your knowledge being beginner, intermediate or expert.

Hot Tub cleaning and maintenance

Is there brown foam in your hot tub? Eww! That’s not good, and we want to help you better understand how to prevent it. We also want to help you when you need to clean your hot tub, drain, winterize, or open your spa. 

Take a look at our blog for some tips on how to do all of these things and more.

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