Why Sani Marc and Sutro are Working Together

Why Sani Marc and Sutro are Working Together

Sutro has built its entire ethos on attempting to build the best water sensor in the world. Water will (and is already starting to) be a big issue around the world. Everything from our food to the pool you swim in needs to have its chemistry managed. Our partnership with Sani Marc leverages their expertise in Canada to really push the needle on changing the way that we look at water. 

We’re building something different. It may sound cliche, but it truly is. People would call me crazy for sitting around for 5 years in building a sensor to measure pool water chemistry. 

Rise Together

But we’re building so much more than that. We’re building an ecosystem that we hope will leverage the existing pool and spa retailers, hard working pool service technicians, and distribution to help us all rise to a higher level. 

Safe Water For All

Sutro has always focused on, and will continue to focus on the ability to be smarter in measuring water. That’s what started this company from our initial inception in fixing drinking water in India. With that vision, we’re focused on making the best water monitor – we don’t want to take off the shelf technology, shove it into some plastic, and hope that we can sell thousands. Our goal is not to create more waste that will sit in a landfill. 

Partner with the Best

Sani Marc has a 50 year history of being the premium chemical provider for all things water in Quebec. It’s true, the Canadians are super nice- and it shows in their business acumen and ethos as well. We just want to build good products, do good things, and make sure the world is better than we left it. It’s both in Sutro and Sani  Marc that this energy lives. And with that – we hope to turn 2021 into a momentous year for the smart home (backyard) world in the US and Canada. 

We’re a startup, we get it – there will be bumps. Bugs will exist, heck – Apple still has bugs in iOS 14 and releases iOS 14.1. And they have a trillion dollar market cap. Products are not perfect, they’re just projections of what engineers, management, marketing, and the folks that make up the company think you want. And thats where you come in. 

A Smart Water Ecosystem

You are a part of the ecosystem. The pool store you go to, the service professional you use. Our goal is to build on that ecosystem. How are we going to do that? By opening and collecting information that is valuable to everyone in the ecosystem. We’re starting with the most important information — water chemistry.

Press Release: https://newsdirect.com/news/sutro-connect-and-sani-marc-group-announce-strategic-partnership-255159935.html

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