How to use clarifier for pool care

How to use clarifier for pool care

Pool clarifier can help you get that extra bit of clarity when microscopic particles such as pollen, dust, dead algae remains and oils are preventing your water from being perfectly clear.

Under normal circumstances clarifiers aren’t typically needed but let’s face it, sometimes people aren’t aware that their water isn’t balanced until it’s too late and algae have a party in their pool.

Let’s look at how to use a pool clarifier to help you clarify your pool water.

What is Pool Clarifier?

Clarifiers are used to help remove tiny microscopic particles such as pollen, dust, dead algae remains, oils, or any number of other tiny particles that find their way into your water.

Chemically speaking, pool clarifiers are made from polymers such as quaternary ammonium chlorides, polyacrylamides, or chitin. The polymers cause the tiny particles to clump together and become big enough for pool (or spa) filters to filter them out of your water. Clarifiers are often confused with flocculant, which is similar but works differently.

How to use clarifier for pool care

Clarifiers work by clumping microparticles together and allowing them to be more easily captured by filters. Before adding clarifier the water needs to be  balanced and the chlorine levels should be within range. If you are battling algae you may need to super shock pool water and equipment like brushes and toys to get rid of all the living algae before adding clarifier (who wants to clump living algae in their filter – gross).

Once your water is balanced and sanitized, add the clarifier according to the manufacturer instructions and leave the pump running 24×7 until the water clears. Once your water is clear it’s time to clean your filter to remove all of the debris so that it can work more effectivelywith your newly clarified water.

What Form Does Clarifier Come In And How Do I Use It?

Clarifier comes in liquid form and is typically sold 1 qt or larger bottles. It should be added around the edge of the pool (or spa) and the pump should be allowed to run several hours to allow it to work. 

Safety Information

You should always read and follow all safety precautions on the product labels. Keeping your pool (or spa) safe means keeping yourself and others around you safe while maintaining your pool chemicals and your equipment. Some common recommendations include:

  • Wearing protective gear such as gloves and eye protection.
  • Store chemicals in ventilated areas and separate from one another to avoid chemical reactions from leaks.
  • Do not mix chemicals.

Interesting Fact About Clarifiers

Now that you have clear water, check out how Sutro smart pool monitor can help you avoid the need to use clarifier by proactively monitoring your water and helping you maintain the clean and clear water that you deserve.
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