Smart Monitor

Our Smart Monitor is a water testing robot that floats in your pool (or spa). It uses the same process as traditional drop test kits. Our chemicals come from our partner LaMotte, the gold standard in water testing for over 100 years.
smart monitor

The Hub & Charger

The Smart Monitor transmits your pH, free chlorine, and alkalinity to our hub via a sub-GHz link. The Hub then connects to our servers, via your WiFi, so we can calculate what chemicals you should put in your pool.
The hub

Mobile App

Keep your water safe by monitoring the levels for your pool or spa water for a seamless ownership experience from our app.
Sutro mobile app
Measure your water


Simply place the Sutro Smart Monitor in your pool or spa. Once a measurement is done, the Smart Monitor will send the information to the smart hub.
Sutro will monitor the water


Monitoring allows the Sutro system to warn you before things go astray. This capability will give you peace of mind that the Sutro Smart System is making sure that your water is safe to swim in.
Sutro will recommend


We make sure that all our recommendations are based on the chemicals you’re comfortable with. With Sutro, you’ll know what you need, when you need it.