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Will Sutro work in a green pool?

Sutro works best when the opening pool conditions are operational with clear water. Although, it will help you curb green algae pool blooms.

How will I know when my Sutro will be shipped?

We'll be providing regular updates with the timeline, but keep an eye out for your e-mail for updates!

Does this eliminate the need for my pool guy?

Actually, we work with pool guys. If you have one - send them our way!

Will the Sutro Smart Monitor work if I have a pool cover?

Yes it will.

Does the Sutro App work on my computer?

No it does not. An Apple or Android phone should suffice.

Do I need a WiFi connection by my pool?

You do not need a WiFi connection directly by your pool. The Sutro hub and device has a proprietary connection that allows it to at least have a 30m (100 ft) range.

Does the Monitor dispense chemicals?

No, it does not. The Monitor will only tell you what chemicals to put in, it will not do it for you.

What does the Sutro measure?

The monitor measures: pH, free chlorine, total alkalinity, and temperature.

Does the Sutro Monitor work in my spa or hot tub?

Yes, it does! It measures both chlorine and bromine, so there are no issues there. It doesn't have a problem with heat as well.

Does the Sutro Smart Monitor work in salt pools?

Yes, it will work in salt water pools. Because we measure actual free chlorine ppm, we'll be able to tell you to turn up or turn down your salt water generator.

Where is the Sutro available and where do you ship?

Currently, we are available in the US and Canada

When will the Sutro Monitor ship?

The Sutro Smart Monitor will ship in Summer 2019.

How often do I have to charge my batteries?

The Smart Monitor will last 30 days on a charge. We’ll tell you when you need to charge or replace the battery.

How do I replace the Smart analysis cartridge?

It’s simple. Just unscrew the top of the Smart Monitor, pull it out and you’ll see the cartridge. We'll have some simple step by step instructions you can follow (coming soon).

Smart Monitor Available Summer 2019

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