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Pool builders

Building a pool is an expensive and time-consuming process. All the hard work pays off when you have a happy customer that recommends you to a friend. Builders and finishers are experts in creating that one of a kind dream pool for their customers
Once that’s done, the care and maintenance of their hard work are out of their hands -- until now.

Smart Monitoring Helps Protect Your Hard Work

Opening a newly created pool is a laborious process that takes a lot of coordination. When it’s done right, the customer has a fabulous new pool that will last them a lifetime. Done wrong and the builders and finishers have to take on the costly process of fixing a problem that someone else created. It’s not only the cost and time away from new projects that hurt -- it’s the reputation and customer experience that suffers the most.
With a Sutro Smart Monitor, builders and finishers can automatically monitor the startup of a new pool to ensure that it’s done properly. Not only that, but customers can also see how their investment is being cared for and how much you care about protecting their investment.

Startup Done Right Shows Your Continuing Commitment

Starting up a new pool sets the tone for the customer. It’s important that those first critical months be monitored carefully. Too often, customers might think they are getting a professional to help them out but instead, they get into trouble. That’s why we feel that using the Smart Monitor during startup will dramatically reduce your customer startup problems.
In fact, it’s a good idea to monitor a customer’s pool for at least the first year to ensure that any potential problems are taken care of quickly. This ensures that any warranty work is actually due to craftsmanship instead of improper pool or spa maintenance.

Reduce Warranty Work.
Increase Customer Satisfaction

No one wants to have to drain a pool to fix a problem caused by poor water maintenance -- especially a builder or finisher. We know that the majority of your warranty work is a direct result of improper maintenance during that first year of ownership.
With Sutro, you can give your customers (and yourself) the peace of mind that their water is properly maintained. This gives customers a high degree of satisfaction in knowing that they picked the right builder.

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