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Jupiter Gear

WOW Sports Slide N Smile Inflatable Pool Slide with Sprinklers for Kids and Adults by Jupiter Gear

WOW Sports Slide N Smile Inflatable Pool Slide with Sprinklers for Kids and Adults by Jupiter Gear

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Fulfilled by our friends at Jupiter Gear

WOW Sports Slide N Smile Inflatable Pool Slide with Sprinklers for Kids and Adults

Make any pool a COOL POOL with WOW's Slide N Smile Soaker Sprinkler Pool Slide. This easy-to-set-up inflatable has WOW water ballast pontoons for secure stable sliding. Built-in soaker sprinkler creates a wet fast sliding surface that connects easily to any standard garden hose. EZ boarding step design with molded handles. At the bottom of the slide, there is a WOW slide bumper for easy entry into the water.

Product Features:

  • Connects easily to any garden water hose
  • Large speed safety valves for fast setup
  • Heavy-duty pool/dock/backyard slide
  • Extra thick heavy-duty PVC construction
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