About Sutro

Dedicated to water safety

Fall in love with your pool or spa again with Sutro, the simple, safe, and seamless way to manage your pool. At Sutro, we know the reason you bought your pool in the first place -- to create lasting memories. That’s why we created the Sutro Smart Monitor connected to our Marketplace that takes all the hassle out of pool and spa water maintenance. Our solution allows you to make those lasting memories without worrying about the quality and safety of your water. With Sutro, you will fall in love with your pool or spa again.

At Sutro, we’re dedicated to making water safe. Water is an essential resource for all of us. In order to do that, we’re going to start with pools and spas. Why? Well, pools and spas are controlled and regularly treated with chemicals. Monitoring pools and spas will allow us to build a rich database of how water behaves when treated. This is essential to deploying technology that can keep the world's water safe.

Sutro is a project of Sutro Connect.

The team

Ravi Kurani

Founder and President

Aleksandr Valeyev

Mechanical Engineer

Daniel Proterra

Chemical Engineer