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The Best Robot Pool Cleaners and Smart Water Monitors for 2023

"The Sutro Smart Water Monitor ($499) makes it easy to maintain a perfectly balanced pool or spa without having to fiddle with water samples, test strips, or messy test kits. Simply drop the monitor into your pool and check your phone for up-to-date readings and advice for balancing its water chemistry when necessary. The Sutro monitor worked well in our tests, delivering accurate readings and solid chemical recommendations, but it requires a hub to connect to your network and you have to pay a monthly subscription to use the device."

The 6 Best Pool Test Kits of 2023 for Safe Swimming

"The Sutro Pool & Spa Smart Monitoring Device is a splurge-worthy option because it takes away the stress of having to balance your own pool. No time-consuming pool water extractions or liquid drop tests are needed for this digital tester. Just drop it in your pool or spa and let it do the work for you."

Sutro Connect and Sani Marc Group Announce Strategic Partnership

“The Sani Marc Group is a leader in water treatment products,” said Ravi Kurani, CEO of Sutro. “To have them as a strategic partner is an honor. Their support over the last year has made it possible for us to launch the Smart Monitor, build our Smart Water Ecosystem, and now widely rollout our award-winning products to eager customers and partners.”