Hot Tub and Spa Safety Checklist

Hot Tub and Spa Safety Checklist

Spas and Hot Tubs can be very relaxing during the cooler seasons, but like anything else you have to consider safety so that your fun time isn’t ruined by an avoidable accident. Here are a few tips to safely enjoy your Spa or Hot Tub

  1. That’s HOT – Temperatures above 104°F can raise your body’s internal temperature to dangerous levels. Overheating could cause you to feel light-headed or dizzy and faint or pass out which could lead to drowning. If you are pregnant, the maximum temperature and soak time is less.

  2. That’s COLD – Water temperatures of 70°F or cooler can be dangerous because of the rapid loss of body heat which could lead to shortness of breath and distress.

  3. How Old Are You? – Age should be considered when choosing the appropriate temperature as well. Generally, the most comfortable temperature range is between 83°F and 88°F. Listen to your body!!

  4. How’s the Ol’ Ticker? – People with high blood pressure or heart conditions can be at risk in temperatures over 100°F due to blood vessel dilation.

  5. You Alone? – As with any water activity, it is advised to have someone with you. Plus it’s just more fun!

  6. You Tipsy? – Avoid excessive alcohol use or strong medications as they could lead to broken limbs, heart attacks, or any number of embarrassing moments.

  7. Hey Hot Prune!Prolonged soaks can lead to overheating, cause skin irritation, and of course make you look like a prune.

  8. Don’t Pull my Hair! – Keep your head/hair above the water. Suction vents or equipment could tangle hair and cause you to drown. While we are here, this could also happen in a pool with a ladder or a jacuzzi bathtub. We like our customers with long hair (and no hair) and do not want you to get hurt!

  9. Don’t Shock the Monkey! – DO NOT put electrical devices/lights near the hot tub or spa as you could risk electrocution. All outlets near water should be GFCI to prevent accidental electrocution as well. 

  10. Smell That? – Make sure your water is clean and balanced. If you smell a strong chlorine smell that means you have chloramines and you need to shock your water because it is not being properly sanitized. Always test your water before using your spa or hot tub. 

  11. Hold the Handrail! – If the temperature is freezing or below, be careful not to slip if you are walking across surfaces that could be slippery. Likewise, be careful when standing to exit the tub as you could get dizzy and fall. 

Check out this one pager from the CDC for a short list of things to consider.

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