Using your hot tub in winter and keep it clean at the same time

Using your hot tub in winter and keep it clean at the same time

The arrival of winter brings snow, holidays, and a delightful chance to use a hot tub. Improper hot tub use can result in expensive repairs and health hazards. 

If you’re not up for it, read this guide with pro tips on using your hot tub in winter. 

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Why should you use your Hot Tub in Winter? 

Spending time in hot water is a soothing recreational experience with incredible health benefits. Here are a few enticing reasons to use your hot tub in winter:

Maintains Physical Health

When the temperatures dip below the freezing point and a sheet of snow covers the landscape, going out for a jog or even a light tread becomes impossible. Interestingly, a hot tub can be a practical means of getting some exercise without putting too much stress on your system. 

Experts at Cleveland clinic recommend hot tub baths for improved cardiovascular health, immune system, and sleep. 

Comfort and Destress Yourself

Using hot water tubs is an ancient practice for relaxation and healing. A hot tub is an incredible retreat from the cold and depressing winters. Studies have shown that the calming effect of hot water offers both physical and mental relaxation. 

Benefit from Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a branch of alternative medicine that treats water as a cure for health problems. A hot tub creates the perfect environment for this practice and is especially helpful for people with existing health problems. Spending as little as 20 minutes in hot water can relieve sore muscles and aching joints and improves blood circulation. 

Keeping the Hot Tub Functional

Occasional use of your hot tub will result in too little attention and maintenance. While lesser use is not a problem, less maintenance will create room for problems to build up. Using a hot tub offers impressive health benefits, which is an excellent reason to do so. Additionally, it also gives you a chance to conduct regular inspections and maintenance.


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So, you will spend a lot more time in your hot tub to get the above benefits. Given this, you'll need to keep it clean to avoid any potential danger to your health (algae microbes, etc.)

Check these steps before using your Hot Tub in Winter

Follow this comprehensive step-by-step process before you immerse in the pleasure of a hot tub. It is a complete checklist to ensure you get everything necessary. Make sure to perform this pool preparation procedure before the onset of snow/freezing temperatures (preferably in late fall). 

Plus, you must keep the user’s manual at hand to understand error messages and troubleshoot problems. 

Inspect your Hot Tub

The first step is to thoroughly inspect your hot tub for any damage to the structural integrity. Check leaks, cracks, plumbing, electricals, and anything else that may cause a problem. 

Doing this beforehand gives you enough lead time to make essential repairs. You'll need to conduct an inspection even if you plan to close the hot tub for winter and not use it. 

Disconnect and Drain

Stop the power supply to your hot tub to turn off the heater and other equipment. Remove the cover and drain the hot tub completely. 

Disassemble and Dry

Remove and clean the filters using an appropriate cleaning solution like muriatic acid. Remove the air blowers, drain plugs, blow jets, and dry any other area with the possibility of water getting trapped. 

Clean Everything

Now that you’ve emptied the hot tub and disassembled the circulation system, it is the best time to clean everything in and out. You can use a hot tub cleaning chemical of your choice or a homemade cleaner like white vinegar or a solution of baking soda. 

Make sure to clean all the jets (especially all metal surfaces) and hard-to-reach corners to remove any grime, oils, or algae. 

Pro Tip: If your hot tub water has algae/mold or the water chemistry is critically out of balance. The best route is to drain, purge the plumbing, clean, and refill the tub.

Refill and Balance

The final step is to refill the pool with fresh and clean water. Ensure that the hose used for filling the tub is free from algae/mold and that the water does not have a high concentration of metals. 

You can use a pool test kit for accurate results or our Sutro pool monitor for accurate and instant results. Then use appropriate pool chemicals to establish the correct water balance. 

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Things to consider when using your Hot Tub in Winter 

Bravo! You did a great job opening your hot tub and readying it for use. But before you dip yourself into the cozy warm water, you must stay prepared for what’s to come. From sudden body temperature changes to freezing of the plumbing lines, there is still a lot that needs attention.

Maintenance Tips 

  • The cover of your hot tub shields it against the wrath of freezing temperatures, debris, and algae, and cordons it for the planned use. Inspect your cover regularly and ensure it is intact and in proper condition. Avoid the urge to use makeshift covers, as they can do more harm than good. 
  • Invest in a good cover that fits tight (preferably custom-fit) and is thick enough to provide adequate insulation from cold temperatures. A leaky cover will force the heater to work harder to maintain the heat. A four-inch thick cover is suitable for areas with no snow, and a six-inch thick cover is best for areas with heavy snow. Additionally, never use a shovel to remove snow from the hot tub cover. 
  • Maintain the water temperature and level. The ideal water temperature for a hot tub is 102 degrees Fahrenheit. In a power outage, a good cover can preserve the water temperature for up to 72 hours. Also, maintain the optimal water levels, or it may risk freezing and damaging the tub equipment. 
  • Keep things clean and prevent water from freezing. Routinely cleaning the filters is essential. It would be best if you stuck to a strict cleaning schedule. Try to keep lotions, soap, and other contaminants at bay. Run your hot tub’s freeze protection system or monitor the water to prevent it from freezing. Never use snow to refill/fill the hot tub. 
  • Stock up on supplies for the entire season. Do not rely upon last-minute purchases. 

Personal Tips

  • Pay heed to your soak times, and try not to spend more than 20 minutes at once in the hot tub, especially when there’s snow outside. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated to maintain good metabolism, and try to abstain from alcohol or similar substances. 
  • Plan your retreat because moving from the hot tub to indoors will expose you to very low temperatures. The best route is to fully equip your hot tub area with items that enhance your experience. Things like towel warmers, weatherproof rugs, heat lamps, etc., can help. 

Extra Suggestions

Just like pool automation systems, adding partial or complete automation to your hot tub can help you save time, money, and effort in the long run. You can automate all chores of your hot tub with wi-fi enabled remote control systems for easy tracking and error-free maintenance.


Opening a hot tub requires appropriate preparations to ensure everything works properly. Draining, deep cleaning, refilling, and water balancing are the four essential steps of this process. Plus, a good hot tub cover goes a long way to keeping everything running smoothly. You must also pay attention to the hot tub and your comfort for the best experience.

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