What’s the best hot tub temperature?

What’s the best hot tub temperature?

Well, that’s an interesting question.

It’s the same as asking what’s the best temperature for your thermostat or what’s your favorite color. You will get just as many answers for either question and chances are they will all be different. However, setting an inaccurate hot tub temperature can lead to health hazards.

Generally speaking, the best hot tub temperature is within an acceptable range of what’s comfortable to most and that’s between 100℉ and 102℉. 

Sutro not only monitors your chemistry, it also monitors your pool water or hot tub temperature and can help you make sure your water is clean and comfortable.

Important facts about hot tub temperature

Hot tubs can help with a number of physical aches and pains. In fact, hot tubs offer a wide range of benefits like muscle relaxation, stress and relief and overall improvement of the cardiovascular system, however anything over 102℉ and bathers are at risk of overheating or experiencing heat stroke. 

On the other end of the spectrum, water temperatures of 70°F or cooler can be dangerous because of the rapid loss of body heat which could lead to shortness of breath and distress.

See our Hot Tub and Spa Safety Checklist for tips to keep you and your guests safe while using your hot tub. 

How to monitor your hot tub temperature

You should always keep an eye on your water temperature.

Apart from testing your water chemistry and keeping it clean and clear, Sutro pool monitoring system can also help you set the right temperature for your pool or hot tub so you can spend more time safely enjoying your hot tub or spa and less time fighting it.

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