What are Borates?

Borates are naturally occurring inorganic salts (minerals) derived from boron. Boron also forms boric acid, which has a very similar application in recreational and industrial water.

Borates have positive effects on your pool (or spa) in the way of buffering pH, reducing scaling, softening water and creating a sparkle, and reducing chlorine demand just to name a few.

In the pool (and spa) industry, borates are typically combined with other ingredients and sold under various names. Additionally, 20 Mule Borax or boric acid is also widely used by consumers.

What Form(s) do Borates Come In And How Do I Use It?

Borates can be added to your pool (or spa) via the application of various products. The most common way of adding is through specialized pool chemicals containing borates, but can also be added by using consumer-grade borax or boric acid.

Borates are found in powder form for recreational water and can be combined with other additives and marketed under various names, with the common ingredient being sodium tetraborate.

Safety Information About Borates

You should always read and follow all safety precautions on the product labels. Keeping your pool (or spa) safe means keeping yourself and others around you safe while maintaining your chemistry and your equipment. Some common recommendations include:

  • Wearing protective gear such as gloves and eye protection.
  • Store chemicals in ventilated areas and separate from one another to avoid chemical reactions from leaks.
  • Do not mix chemicals.

Interesting Facts About Borates

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