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Hth Shock Treatment

What is Hth Shock Treatment and what does it do?

Hth shock treatment is a pool sanitizing method that uses high levels of chlorine to kill bacteria and algae.

Unwanted bacteria and algae can make your pool water cloudy and unpleasant. A regular shock treatment helps to kill these off, keeping your water clean and clear. Hth shock treatment is an effective, multi-purpose product that can be used for all of these purposes. It is also convenient and easy to use, and won’t over-stabilize your pool.

Does Hth Shock Treatment work with Sutro Pool & Spa Water Monitor?

Yes, Hth Shock Treatment works with Sutro.

How does it work?

Simply scan Hth Shock Treatment in your Sutro App and it will tell you exactly what quantity to add to your pool or spa water.

How much of Hth Shock Treatment to add to my Pool or Spa Water?

Product presentation:

Hth Shock Treatment is a product from HTH and comes in package(s) of 3.58lb

Manufacturer: HTH

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