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Mineral Sanitizers

What is a Mineral Sanitizer?

Mineral sanitization is a supplemental way to help control algae, bacteria, and viruses.

Mineral sanitizers typically contain copper and/or silver ions and work in conjunction with your existing sanitizer, chlorine or bromine, and can reduce the concentration required to keep pool, hot tubs water disinfected.

It is important to understand that mineral sanitizers do not replace the need for chlorine or bromine, they simply support them in order to reduce the amount required for effective sanitation.

Copper and silver are what make mineral sanitizers effective as copper has algicidal properties and silver is effective at killing bacteria, some viruses, and fungi.

They are specifically ideal for Hot Tubs / Spas.

What Form(s) Does a Mineral Sanitizer Come In And How Do I Use It?

Mineral sanitizers come in multiple forms such as a dispensers that can be added to skimmer baskets, a floating dispenser similar to the ones used for chlorine tablets, and more elaborate devices that are plumbed inline with your existing plumbing. 

Safety Information About Mineral Sanitizers

Mineral sanitizers shouldn’t be directly mixed with any other concentrated chemicals and should only be introduced into your pool (or spa) according to the product directions.

As with any product, you should follow all product safety recommendations.

Interesting Facts About Copper and Silver

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