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What are Phosphates and Phosphate Removers?

Phosphates are organic compounds derived from phosphoric acid.  Phosphates come from a plethora of sources, from sweat to soap to leaves.

With relation to your pool (or spa) experience, phosphates can be thought of like a buffet of food for algae and can allow them to grow uncontrollably if not treated appropriately. Lowering phosphates can be thought of as an insurance policy if chlorine is allowed to dip below the recommended levels.

Phosphate removers use lanthanum, a rare earth metal, to bind and remove phosphates and allow them to be filtered out of water. David over at the Pool Guy podcast has a great podcast on when to actually use phosphates.

What Form(s) Does Phosphate Remover Come In And How Do I Use It?

Phosphate remover comes in liquid form, typically in gallon jugs or 32 oz. bottles, and should be poured according to manufacturer instructions. 

Safety Information About Phosphate Remover

You should always read and follow all safety precautions on the product labels. Keeping your pool (or spa) safe means keeping yourself and others around you safe while maintaining your chemistry and your equipment. Some common recommendations include:

  • Wearing protective gear such as gloves and eye protection.
  • Store chemicals in ventilated areas and separate from one another to avoid chemical reactions from leaks.
  • Do not mix chemicals.

Interesting Facts About Phosphates

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