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Five Best Pool Monitoring Systems in 2023

Do you ever wonder how some homeowners maintain their pools so well? If the answer is yes, then we have some important information here that will help you monitor your pool in the best way. The secret to such flawless pool water is using a pool monitoring system.

These systems are designed to measure essential water parameters such as temperature, chlorine, and pH and help you monitor your water chemistry. 

However, the market is stuffed with many options, and this short guide will review the best pool monitoring systems out there to help you make the right decision. 

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Why is monitoring pool water important?

By constantly monitoring the pool water, you will be ensuring the safety of the water for you and your family. We all know that pool water can be contaminated with things like debris and microorganisms - which can cause health problems such as respiratory issues, eye and ear infections, skin issues, and more. 

If you maintain your pool's water balance regularly, you can quickly identify and manage such issues before they occur. Additionally, important parameters such as the pH level of pool water, sanitizer levels (chlorine/bromine), pH, total alkalinity, and hardness should be monitored with care. Disproportionate levels of these parameters can lead to problems such as algae blooms, sanitizer oxidations, clogged filters, or even permanent damage to the plumbing and equipment.

What is a Smart Pool Monitoring System?

A smart pool monitoring system is an electronic device that measures water quality through a sensor and transmits the data to your smartphone or a control unit. By doing so, you can be aware of your pool water chemistry and the status of your water balance in real time. 

Some monitoring systems can even be connected with devices like chlorine generators that automatically maintain water chemistry levels in the pool without much human intervention. Such a system will give you peace of mind and the convenience of using it to easily and effortlessly maintain your pool. 

Five Best Smart Pool Monitors on the Market

Here is a detailed review of the five best pool monitors. The feedback is based on customer reviews and the personal recommendations of our pool experts. 

PoolSense Smart Pool 

Available in a couple of designs, the PoolSense Smart Pool system is a cheap and lasting pool monitoring system.

It measures the reading at an interval of 105 minutes. It delivers daily alerts at 6 pm in the evening on your mobile device, informing you about the current levels of ORP (Chlorine), pH, and temperature. It monitors the pool's water quality 24x7, recommending what dosage to add to maintain water balance. Plus, you can always check the current water chemistry levels over a long range without Wi-Fi. 

One of the most notable features is that the PoolSense floating variant requires no installation. All you need to do is drop it in your pool, and you are all set! The other in-line variant can be installed on the pump and is a fit-and-forget solution. 

With its Smart Monitor feature, PoolSense Smart Pool will learn about your pool over time and deliver accurate and detailed results. Such reports will help you quickly determine chemicals and their balance in the pool to maintain the best quality water. 


  • No Installation Required
  • User-Friendly App to Monitor
  • No Wi-Fi Needed
  • 12 Months Battery Life
  • Accurate Results with dosage recommendations


  • Factory sealed, so you cannot replace the battery yourself
  • The app is pretty basic

WATERSENSE from WaterGuru

The WaterSense system is a durable and easy-to-use pool monitoring system. It is available in two models, the Sense S1 for inground pools and the Sense S2 for all pools and spas. The price difference isn't much, so we'll review the Sense S2, which is the complete version. 

The WaterSense monitoring device sits inside your pool skimmer basket and covers the top. The device stays constantly submerged with the pool water circulating through the basket and measures the readings for pH, free chlorine, stabilizer (CYA), total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. 

The device tracks water temperature every hour and uses test cassettes which can be easily replaced after every 60 days. The app will detect and provide alerts and recommendations on what to add if there are any imbalances. Additionally, the app has a detailed reporting dashboard and a knowledge base to educate you on the various aspects.  


  • Easy Installation and Connection
  • Accurate Data Delivery
  • Smart WaterGuru Sense Alerts
  • No Subscription Required
  • Remote connectivity and an app with a good interface
  • Affordable pricing


  • The short range of up to six feet
  • Measures only once per day

EcO from iopool 

EcO from iopool is one of the smallest floating pool monitors on the market. The advanced water analysis is shared via Bluetooth to a dedicated app that can be shared among multiple users. It works in hot tubs, spas, and pools, making it a truly versatile pool monitoring system. 

This pool monitor measures pH, ORP, and temperature every 15 minutes. Plus, the cartridges last for about two seasons, which is quite reasonable given the testing frequency. This monitor also works in cold temperatures, making it suitable for places that get a lot of snow. 

The device is lightweight and small in size. Plus, it is quite affordable at just $250 and offers a subscription plan for chemicals. The company offers prompt customer support and the device itself is quite durable and easy to maintain. 

If you want to connect it to the Wi-Fi, you have to purchase their CONNECT module which costs about $300. 


  • A small device with long battery life
  • Easy Installation. Drop and forget
  • Remote Bluetooth monitoring with an additional option for Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Tacks your chemical usage, and the company delivers them to your doorstep
  • Affordable and comes with chemicals


  • Not for saltwater pools
  • Measures limited parameters
  • Occasional calibration using test strips is needed

Sutro Smart Pool Water Monitor 

The Sutro Smart Pool Water Monitor delivers insightful and accurate results when monitoring chemicals in your pool. It uses the gold testing standard for pool water and is undoubtedly the most precise pool monitoring system available today. 

It has a buoyant design, and you tether this device to a handrail or a ladder and let it float in your pool. It can be easily opened from the top for changing the battery or cartridges. 

Sutro offers two subscription-based models called the basic and premium. While the basic plan provides on-demand cartridges to your doorstep and email and chat support, the premium version offers VIP support with dedicated experts and monthly consultations.

Additionally, It is also equipped with LED lights to show the current battery status. It even comes with two batteries and a cartridge from the manufacturer. 

Sutro costs $499, and the subscriptions cost $29 and $39, respectively. Although it may seem expensive, it is the perfect solution for owners serious about the pool's maintenance and their personal well-being. 


  • Remote monitoring with notifications
  • The most accurate results in the industry
  • Works with all kinds of pools (chlorine, bromine, salt water), spas, and hot tubs
  • Recommendations on what/when/how to add
  • Suggests for all leading chemical brands


  • Subscription-based model and a tad pricey
  • Low battery and cartridge life of 30 days

For those who want to have a full-featured pool monitoring system that can deliver accurate results for various chemical levels - Sutro would be the perfect choice for them. After connecting it with Wi-Fi, you will never have to be worried about any problems related to your pool because the monitoring system will keep you updated 24x7. 

Keto A.I. - The Smart Skimmer

Also called the smart skimmer, the Keto A. It is a pool monitoring system that checks your pool's pH, sanitizer, temperature, and water level. It is installed on the skimmer basket, and its sensors are always in touch with the water circulating through it. 

While the three factors it measures are common, the water level measurement is something unique. This is a good feature, especially during the summer months, when losing too much water can cause the pump to malfunction. Additionally, frequent changes in water levels will also help you with detecting any pool leaks. 

The head of this device features a LED light to tell you about the status of your pool's water chemistry. You just have to step on it, and the light blinks. Additionally, the device is supported by a dedicated app that delivers notifications, reports, and recommendations. 

The Keto A.I. is an affordable system with long-lasting battery life due to its solar-powered design, and it is suitable for people who do not use their pool very often. 


  • Works with salt and chlorine pools
  • Solar powered. No need to switch/charge batteries
  • It fits into the skimmer basket and stays concealed
  • LED indicator for quick assessment


  • Questionable accuracy after two months
  • It needs Wi-Fi to connect

Closing Note

Each pool monitoring system offers a distinctive range of smart features and accurate results. Consider factors like the size of the pool, bather load, the parameters you want to measure, battery life, chemical subscriptions, and app interface. A good system will ensure your pool water stays balanced and you save a lot of time from unnecessary testing. 

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