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How to Automate your Swimming Pool

Imagine if you could automate some or all the chores of your swimming pool. You could care less about testing and the water daily, a weekly scrub and vacuum, and even adding chemicals.

Technology is everywhere, and your swimming pool is not beyond its reach. Learn how automating your Pool can make your life easier and also save (and make) you money in the long run. 

What is Pool Automation?

As the name suggests, pool automation creates a system where you can command machines to do some or all of the pool work for you.

It is similar to the concept of IoT (Internet of things), where you connect multiple appliances with a central online cloud system, allowing you to control them from anywhere using a mobile app and an internet connection. 

The advent of complex software and artificial intelligence-assisted systems (like Alexa, Siri, etc.) has opened doors to automating pool maintenance. 

It lets you get rid of tedious, repetitive tasks and has a myriad of other benefits. 

Why should you use Pool Automation? 

The question is rational, and the answer to it lies in itself. Why should anybody use Automation? The answer is simple - it makes life easier. Here are a few good reasons to use pool automation:

It Saves Time and Effort

If you can afford an expensive luxury like a swimming pool, you are likely a busy person, and your time is precious. If you follow a regular pool maintenance schedule, you can comprehend that looking after a pool is challenging.  

Tasks such as water testing, skimming, adding chemicals, maintaining water levels, cleaning the filters, etc., need a lot of time and attention. 

Pool automation allows you to invest your time in other productive tasks and takes a significant burden off your shoulders. It also adds monetary value to your property if you ever plan to sell it. 

Lesser Errors

Automation systems do what they are programmed for without any margin for error. They don’t procrastinate, forget, or miscalculate, making them more efficient and less susceptible to mistakes than a human. 

Daily tasks such as water testing and balancing are crucial for pool maintenance, and it would be a great idea to share your responsibilities with the software. 

A Sincere Assistant

Imagine you organized a small pool party and could not check on your Pool a few hours prior. Pool automation chores such as water balancing, switching filter modes, setting pool temperature, etc., can be done from miles away with a few taps on your mobile app. 

It will save you from embarrassment while making your life easier and less stressful. Additionally, many systems allow integrations with virtual assistant technologies (like Alexa) to set the lighting theme of your Pool respective to an event. 

Likewise, if you are on vacation and unable to look after your Pool for long durations, an automated setup will help you maintain your Pool from anywhere in the world. 

What Elements can you Automate? 

The good part is that you can automate almost every chore that needs to be done manually in a swimming pool with the right system. 

Here’s a quick list of the automatable elements:

  • Water Testing
  • Water Temperature
  • Pool Pumps
  • Aesthetic Accessories (lights, fountains, bubblers, etc.)
  • Security Systems
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Pool Covers
  • Water Balance Checker 
  • Automatic Feeder 

How can you add Automation to your Pool? 

The complete Automation of your Pool requires combining different systems into a single simultaneously running unit, as most are standalone products. 

You can also opt for partial Automation, where you automate only one or a few activities. While complete Automation requires hiring professionals or making significant changes to your Pool, partial Automation is a more straightforward and standard route.

You can also create a DIY solution, which requires a lot of time and technical knowledge. 

Water Testing

Testing pool water is a daily and essential task for ideal pool maintenance. Pool monitoring systems can provide regular updates about water chemistry elements such as pH, alkalinity, and hardness on your mobile app.

It helps you stay aware of the chemistry and take appropriate actions when necessary.

Water Temperature

Temperature is crucial for pools. You can receive updates about the current water temperatures and set them remotely using your pool automation system. 

Pool pumps

Most pool owners do not prefer running the pool pump continuously for 24 hours. You can automate your pool pump to switch them on/off, shift among different modes, and modulate the flow. 

Pool Lights, Fountains, and Bubblers

Pools can have impressive aesthetic features like lighting systems with switchable modes, fountains, and bubblers. 

Security Systems

Security systems have been an essential part of swimming pools, especially those used for commercial or public use. 

Technology can detect movement, spot a drowning person, sound an alarm or send calls, and even differentiate between humans and animals. 

Pool Cleaning Robot

The pool-cleaning robot is the most incredible (and cute) pool automation invention of our time. Scrubbing and vacuuming a pool is exhausting, and such robots simplify cleaning tasks tenfold. 

Besides this robot, you can automate and integrate the cleaning and circulation system for even better results, and it will cost you somewhere between $800-$3,000. 

Pool Covers

From regular pool covers to solar covers, you can employ automatic cover reels to cover or open your Pool when needed. It is an intelligent way to protect your Pool against debris and get it ready for swimming in a couple of minutes. 

Water Balance Checker 

Checking and maintaining your Pool’s water balance is a daily task and the easiest to automate. A digital pool water monitor like Sutro will send you real-time water chemistry updates so that you can take appropriate action. 

Installing it in your Pool is as simple as hanging it submerged in the pool water and connecting it with the mobile app.  

Automatic Chlorine and Sanitizer Feeders

Chlorine levels in a pool need daily adjustments, especially if an outdoor pool takes the brunt of UV rays from sunlight. On top of that, you need to add stabilizers (Cyanuric acid) regularly to keep the levels of chlorine stable. 

Adding and balancing chlorine and stabilizer is a repetitive and time taking process. You add some of it, wait a few hours, test again, and repeat this until the water balance is restored. Automating these activities with an automatic chlorine dispenser or a pool sanitizer will free you of these tedious and iterative tasks. 

DIY solutions 

Automating your Pool is not a complex task as long you are not setting up a fully automated pool with too much wiring and plumbing. Check out these easy and effective DIY solutions to automate your Pool:


IFTTT stands for “If this then that”, a company that offers digital automation platforms to help you create programs to control devices. 

If that went over your head, understand that IFTTT can help you create recipes to control your pool equipment automatically. Check out these existing pool automation applets to know more. 

Voice Assistant Integrations

Most pool automation equipment allows connections to a voice assistant (Alexa, Siri, Echo, etc.) via wi-fi. Like other IoT-enabled devices, you can set up your device connections to control your Pool.

Pool Control Kits

A wide variety of pool control kits available on the market allow you to control your pool equipment and other appropriate devices. 

These kits are wi-fi enabled and can connect with one, two, four, or even more pieces of equipment via cables at once. You can control your connected pool equipment via an app from anywhere. 

Although, if you are not too tech-savvy, you’ll need professional help for installation.

Can you add new Automation to your Existing Setup? 

Yes, you can do that. Although, it also depends upon the design and complexity of your existing system. For example, adding a new underwater lighting system to your Pool will require significant renovation and may be fine. 

As we already said, most pool automation solutions are standalone equipment that can be used singly or combined. It is your decision to add or remove what you deem fit and appropriate for your budget.

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