Pollen in swimming pool

Pollen in Swimming Pool

When we think of spring we often think of warmer weather and blooming flowers.

However, all of that beauty can also have a downside – pollen, and lots of it!

Just like people who suffer from pollen allergies, pools can also suffer from pollen. 

Let’s look at what pollen is and is not and how to prevent it from causing problems in your pool.

What is pollen?

According to www.britannica.com, pollen is a mass of microspores in a seed plant, usually appearing as a fine dust and varying greatly in shape and structure. And for pool owners it’s probably best described as a royal pain!

As if the pollen dust wasn’t enough to deal with, some trees can drop pollen pods that can stain pool and deck surfaces. A lot of people mistake pollen for algae, but they are totally different. Pollen sits on the surface of the water whereas algae clings to surfaces in the water. 

Why remove pollen?

Pollen removal can help reduce the load on sanitizer so that it can focus on fighting algae and bacteria.

By not removing the pollen you run the risk of lower sanitizer levels and cloudy water or algae blooms.

Also, If pollen is left on waterline tiles or pollen pods from trees are left on the pool surface, you run the risk of staining.

How to remove pollen from pool?

Increasing filter runtime and frequency can be the best weapon against pollen, but there are also some other things you can do that will help as well.

Skimmer socks can help capture pollen before it gunks up your filter and you can use a fine net to scoop pollen off of the top of the water as well before it gets to your skimmers.

You should also be sure to brush your pool waterline tile every other day during peak pollen season to prevent it from sitting on tiles and so that the filter can help remove it.

Water chemistry during pollen season:

Pollen can put a strain on sanitizer and lead to cloudy water or algae blooms.

Increasing sanitizer levels and making sure pH is within range can help counter this demand and help your sanitizer keep your pool clean and clear. 

Pollen is a wonderful thing for the flowers and bees, but not so much for your pool.

By taking proactive steps to increase the stabilizer level, increase filtration, and brush more frequently you can prevent pollen from making your pool a spring cleaning nightmare.

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