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Pool Water Delivery: How much cost the pool water delivery

Why and how to have water delivered?

Pool water delivery can be very helpful for filling a new pool or refilling after maintenance.

Water delivery services use large tanker trucks to deliver fresh water right to your house, for a price of course.

It’s important to test your fill water and plan ahead if you will be using well water that may have metal content or if you have hard water that can cause calcium scaling.



Water delivery for pool fill – Why

In some circumstances, fill water has high calcium or metal content and can cause problems like staining and scale.

By filling with fresh water you can drastically reduce the risk of staining or scaling on surfaces and equipment.

Pool water delivery services – How & Cost

Water delivery services vary by location and a quick Google search for “pool water delivery near me” will yield many options based on your geographic location.

Depending on the location of your pool property, water delivery prices can vary and the cost to fill your pool could be anywhere from ~80 USD to ~300 USD.

When you want to know how much water your pool holds than you can use our pool volume calculator.

PRO TIP: You can also check with your local fire department, in some cases they are able to dump their water for a nominal fee or even for free if they need to flush their truck tanks.

Some things to think about for water delivery

  • Test your fill water to understand  in advance if you may need to consider delivery.

  • Ask for test results on the delivery water to validate there are no metals or high calcium content.

  • Test the delivered water the same way you test your pool (or hot tub) water for pH, TA (Total Alkalinity), and CH (Calcium Hardness).

  • Visually check the turbidity of the delivered water to make sure that it’s clear.

  • Be careful if you are filling a new plaster pool, it can damage the surface if the water has too much pressure.

  • Tanker trucks can hold between 3,000 gal and 11,000 gal so depending on the amount needed there could be some big rig traffic considerations for your neighbors.
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