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When is the right time to open your pool?

As the beautiful spring season wanes away and the sizzling summers set in, the urge to dip in the swimming pool water grows stronger. 

Let’s find out the best time to open a pool.

When to open the pool?

The usual time to open a pool is during the late spring season. That is when temperatures get constant above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the water isn’t too cold to swim. Keep track of your local weather data for the upcoming days, as you can hit the appropriate time.

As the temperature begins to rise, there’s a higher chance of an onset of algae in your pool water. Algae love hot and humid conditions, so you must have an algaecide and pool shock ready when you open the pool.   

You shouldn’t delay the opening of your pool too long because spring is also a season of pollen floating around. Opening your pool too late can cause a severe pollen buildup due to the non-circulating water. 

In case you need a no-brainer, do it when most people do. 

In most parts of the country, National Pool Opening day is the best time to open a pool. It is celebrated on the last Saturday of April and marks the beginning of the pool season. 


What should you do before opening the pool? 

Opening a pool is more than removing the cover, powering the equipment, and entering the pool. It would be best to stay prepared and keep these considerations in mind.

Clean the Area

Before you open the pool:

  1. Take some time to inspect the surroundings of the pool and clean them properly.
  2. Remove debris, like branches, leaves, stones, etc., that can cause damage or injury.
  3. Prune the vegetation before opening the pool. 

Check for any bugs, pests, or rodents that may have dwelled near the pool. Additionally, sanitize your pool deck and other items in the pool’s vicinity to ensure the area is clean and free of germs. 

Take care of the pool cover.

Clean the pool cover before removing it by dusting it off and removing any accumulated debris. If the cover has water, use a small pump to remove it. Ensure that nothing from the top of the cover falls into the pool, as it can result in severe chemical imbalance or cloudy water. 

Clean the cover with a good cleaner chemical, brush off debris, and rinse it with your garden hose. 

Let it dry and then fold and store it inside a plastic bag away from moisture. 

Gather supplies

Ensure you have all the essential pool chemicals in your inventory before opening a pool. Also, gather other items, such as brushes, skimmer net, safety gear, vacuum, etc., that may come in handy. 

Reinstall equipment and accessories

Remove the plugs, and reinstall the pump, aerators, jets, ladders, chutes, and other equipment that was removed when closing the pool. Prime your pool pump and filter, as it cleans the plumbing lines of debris. 

Check for leaks and test the water.

Changes in the temperature due to season shifts can sometimes become a reason for leaks. Inspect your pool for a leak through visual inspection and also testing. Test the water for water chemistry and add appropriate chemicals for balancing. Only enter the pool only when the water balance gets restored. 


The best time to open a pool is during late spring when temperatures are constant above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want a specific date, do it on the national pool opening days, which falls on the last Saturday of April. Make sure you have all the essential pool supplies and conduct a thorough inspection to find any problems. 

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