6 Gift Ideas for Pool and Spa Lovers

6 Gift Ideas for Pool and Spa Lovers

Looking for that perfect gift can be stressful! Here are our favorite gift ideas that any pool (or spa) owner would love to have.


1. SUTRO - Your Smart Pool Water Monitor System

For help with keeping the water balanced and safe for swimming, Sutro is at the top of the list. 

It is a robot that floats in the pool and measures the free chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, and temperature 3 times a day. 

Not only does it measure, it also provides treatment instructions and recommendations to keep your water clean and clear. It comes with a great app that allows you to access your test results on your phone no matter where you are. 

2. HASA HLF - Your Automated Chlorine Feeder

HASA HLF is an innovative solution that delivers a continuous supply of chlorine when the pump is running and allows for fine adjustment to be sure that you are delivering just the right amount and not over chlorinating or under chlorinating the water. 

It’s simple design and easy install make it a perfect gift for the DIY pool owner or the pool professional. 

After it is installed, you fill it with liquid chlorine that mixes with the pool water and then set it to the desired flow. The chlorine lasts for anywhere between 7 to 10 days depending on how much the pool is used and how big it is. 

3. CamerEye - Artificial Intelligence Pool & Spa Alarm

For safety, the newest and most advanced solution in the market today is called CamerEye

and it actually uses artificial intelligence to analyze real time video of the pool to detect swimmers in distress or unauthorized entry.

If it detects a swimmer in distress it will send an alert to your phone and sound an alert on a stand alone monitor.

It can also send an automated call to up to 5 numbers when it senses an alarm. It even knows the difference between animals and humans!

4. Maytronics - Automatic Pool & Spa Cleaner 

The Robot vacuum Maytronics Dolphin helps with filtering the water and keeping the walls and floor clean so that the pool is looking good and ready for that weekend party. 

The Dolphin series has many options, including even controlling some models on your phone! Most models scrub the walls and also vacuum, which means pool owners don’t have to spend time doing that themselves.

5. PoolRX Simple Pool & Spa Sanitization 

PoolRX is a great solution that’s easy to use and lowers the amount of sanitizer needed to keep the water clean. 

You simply determine what size PoolRX you need based on how many gallons of water the pool holds and you just drop it in your pool basket or skimmer and it lasts for 6 months before you need to replace it or add a booster dose.

What’s unique about PoolRX is that it uses a proprietary blend of minerals that protect against staining, unlike copper-based algaecide or other copper-based systems.

6. FROG® - The all in One Pool & Spa Care 

FROG® also uses minerals, but what makes FROG® different is that they have several different products that are designed to deliver both minerals and chlorine so they are ideal for pools that do not have auto chlorine feeders. 

FROG® uses cartridges that fit into their solutions and allow you to easily recharge the system when needed.

Treat your favorite pool owner to one of these gifts to help them keep their pool looking great and give them more time to enjoy their pools and lower their stress levels.

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