Best pool Floats for Kids & Adults

Best pool Floats for Kids & Adults

One of the best perks of owning a pool is – well – using it as much as you can! And there’s no better way to enjoy the summer away than lounging in some good old pool floats. There’s no denying that the best pool floats can really make a difference and are a must-have item for any pool party. 

Besides the fun and functional aspect, we cannot avoid our main concern: safety. Safety around the pool is paramount for us, that’s why we recommend that in addition to keeping your water clean and clear with Sutro pool monitoring system, you have pool floats for adults and kids. 

If you’re looking for the latest and best inflatable toys for your swimming pool, we have all the answers that will allow you to have all the fun without any disregard to pool safety.

Best pool floats and loungers 

Gone are the days where old fashioned-regular floaties were a thing. Nowadays, the latest trends are unique, multi-functional pool floats with fun shapes to make the pool experience more enjoyable, comfortable, and practical.

Best pool floats for adults

What is the best pool float? There are three main features you should look for in any pool lounger: stability, functionality, and personality. Let’s face it, personality goes a long way and you should be able to express yourself even when lounging in the pool. They come in all types of bright colors but any respectable pool float for adults needs to put comfort first.

Take for instance these pineapple and ice cream shaped floats. They’re perfect for sun tanning, reading or just relaxing- and provide enough support by adapting to the natural curves of the body.

Plus, they’re fun enough for any pool party and to garner more Instagram likes.

Oversized-animal shaped pool floats are another great option for great fun and comfort. They’re large enough to fit one, two and in some extreme cases, several people. So whether you’re relaxing on your own, enjoying time with friends or even playing fun ball games, oversized floats are fun and versatile.

Functional (and fun) pool floats

This flamingo shaped inflatable is perfect to hold a speaker so you don’t miss your favorite hits, but it can also fit your favorite drink closeby.

Yes, we can all enjoy pool ball games, the pool nap or the good old race on a pool float, but what about drinks and music? It’s a fact that pool parties won’t go anywhere without those two elements so why not incorporate them into the pool itself?

If you’re hosting a tropical themed party, these tiny palm-tree floaties can hold everyone’s drinks without having to leave the pool.

How about needing a refill and you don’t want to leave the pool? No problem, an inflatable drink holder can house cans in ice to keep them cool plus individual holders for each of the party guests. Make sure to avoid glass bottles around the pool though.

Pool floats for kids and children

There are some pool float models that are better suited for kids and teens, such as this kind that fits two. How about starting a pool race? Any individual donut shaped float is perfect to challenge your friends in any competition and they’re great to use at the beach as well. 

Pro tip: be sure to clean anything that has been used outside of your pool with a dilute bleach solution as it can introduce algae to your pool)

Last, but not least, babies and small children are also welcomed to the pool fun. There are plenty of safe pool floats for kids that allow your infants to splash around with the whole family in complete safety, even if they can’t swim yet.

However, keeping children safe around water is more than just having a float nearby, check our blog post on pool safety for children for more tips on how to keep them safe.

There is a wide range of pool floats for children but nothing beats a float resembling an exotic animal, right? Most of them come with a UV-blocking canopy.

However, the safest float for small children is definitely the one that is secured around your baby’s chest or waist. This is especially important to avoid any suffocation risk. 

Should you take floats out of the pool?

It’s not recommended to leave your pool floats in the pool. If exposed too long to the pool chemicals, combined with the heat and direct sunlight, it can break down the material over time.

Always take them out of the pool and store them in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

So there you have it. The easiest accessory you can add to your pool is a pool float and they will give you hours of fun and safety all in one!

Keep in mind that balanced and tested pool water is the best way to keep your pool safe for you and your family. Sutro pool chemical monitor will measure and monitor the chemicals of your pool and send you the right treatment options adjusted to your pool needs.
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