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Five ways to save money on your pool

Owning a swimming pool is a luxury but maintaining it can sometimes make it feel like  an expensive curse. Check out this brief guide that'll elaborate on five great ways to save money on your pool. 

1. Variable Speed Pump

A general rule of thumb is to run anywhere between 6-12 hours daily. The traditional single-speed and dual-speed pumps consume a significant amount of energy and can lead to large electricity bills. 

A variable speed pump is an excellent method to slash your pool pump electricity costs and maintain water skimming and circulation.A pump running at lower speeds can run longer and consume only a fraction of the energy that would have been consumed otherwise. 

Pro Tip: Check out Skimmer Vortex. It accelerates the water going into the skimmer basket even at lower speeds and will make your skimmer work more efficiently. By using Skimmer Vortex you can decrease the speed of your variable speed pump and save even more while still keeping the surface of your pool clean. 

2. Go Solar 

Harnessing the sun's energy to power some portion of your swimming pool can be a great money saver. Using solar pool heaters can slash your pool heating costs significantly.

Another notable solution is a solar pool cover. It protects the pool water against debris, prevents evaporation, and keeps the pool water mildly warm in the fall and spring months. 

Switching to solar equipment can reduce electricity bills and is environmentally friendly. 

3. Mineral Additives

If you have ever encountered algae as a pool owner, you must know that tackling it is an ardent task. Mineral additives like PoolRx and BlueRayXL are good options for lowering the chlorine demand and providing additional protection from algae. Both products last about six months before needing a booster treatment and they are super easy to use.  

Using minerals  helps you save money on chemicals and maintenance in the long run and are a great way to help make sure your water stays clear.

4. Buy Pool Chemicals in Bulk

A pool needs regular use of chemicals to keep the chemistry in balance, and purchasing them in bulk is a great idea to save some money. You can buy chemicals six months or a year in advance and enjoy discounts on bulk purchases. For example, combo of the popular HASA Liquid Feeder™ (HLF) and our Sutro Pool Monitor can be bought at an incredible price.

Additionally, buying chemicals sometime before the common pool maintenance seasons (winter, fall, or spring) is also a great idea to save money. 

5. Save with Sutro 

The Sutro pool monitor is a smart device that uses professional grade liquid reagents to measure the free chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity levels in your pool water three times per day and gives you specific treatment instructions based on your pool and your choice of chemicals. 

The monitor connects to your home’s WiFi network and the Sutro app provides real-time updates on the water chemistry and alerts you if any levels are outside of the recommended range.


By taking advantage of technology you can reduce pool ownership costs by subtly changing the maintenance chores. Using variable speed pumps and solar heaters and blankets can help reduce energy costs, and using additives to help your sanitizer can reduce your chemical costs. If you have any questions about how Sutro can help reduce pool maintenance costs we'd love to talk.

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