Know the Pool You Are Renting Is Safe – Swimply With Sutro

Know the Pool You Are Renting Is Safe – Swimply With Sutro

As a pool owner or renter of a pool, the last thing you want to have happen is for someone to get sick from unsanitary water – and the number one cause for waterborne illness and algae in swimming pools is low chlorine.

Swimply is a platform that let's you rent or list your pool for others to enjoy, by the hour.

Speaking of chlorine, have you ever smelled chlorine at a public swimming pool? The strong smell of chlorine doesn’t mean there is too much, it actually means that additional chlorine is needed.

The odor is a result of chlorine combined with sweat, body oils, and urine, which forms the chemical chloramine – and that’s what you’re smelling. And if you are a user of the pool sharing marketplace app, Swimply – you don’t want your guests smelling chlorine when they arrive!

Sutro is partnering with Swimply to offer pool owners and renters the benefit of knowing that their water is always clean and clear. If you rent your pool out using Swimply, it’s important that your customers have a good experience, and it also doesn’t hurt to receive a positive review for your crystal clear water either!

Likewise, if you are renting a pool, you should feel comfortable and confident knowing the water you’re swimming in is going to be clean.  

Set up is simple, and allows owners to provide their own pool parameters – such as gallonage and brand of chemicals which are then used to provide individualized and specific treatment recommendations.

Sutro tests the water 3x/day to provide an accurate and up to date picture of exactly what’s going on with the pool chemistry. And from there, the app sends notifications after each test is completed, so that issues can be addressed – before they even become issues. 

With Sutro, you can monitor your pool chemistry, view history, and be comfortable knowing your water is sanitary, and that your pool is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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