Why do you need pool lights?

Why do you need pool lights?

One of the many advantages of owning a pool is using it whenever you want, but if you’re limiting its use to daytime hours, you’re missing half the fun. Because, who wants to swim in a dark pool? Installing pool lights can enhance the ambiance around your pool, as well as improve safety.

Let’s dive into the world of pool lights, the best types available and all the reasons why you need to install them as soon as possible.

At Sutro we take pool safety very seriously and as much as pool lights can prevent accidents, it’s equally important to keep your water safe. Sutro smart pool monitor will monitor key indicators such as pH, total alkalinity and chlorine three times a day so you can focus on enjoying your pool.

Reasons why you need pool lights

There are more than enough reasons to install pool lights, whether you own an inground or above ground pool. 

Extra swimming time

It’s probably the most obvious reason for pool lighting. It helps you extend your pool enjoyment time into the evening. If you’re heating your pool, you can even extend the fun beyond the summer months.

Extra safety

Pool alarms are important to increase safety around the pool, especially if you have small childrenor dogs in your house. Pool lighting can help you spot right away if someone has fallen into the pool accidentally, even after dark. 

Enhancing pool features

Pool and landscape lighting are elements that can push the ambience to the next level making your pool more inviting and cozy.

Types of pool lights

There are many brands of pool lights available in the market nowadays, however when it comes to choosing the best lights for your pool, the three main types are: incandescent, LED and Halogen.


At one time incandescent lights were the least expensive and most popular type of pool lights. They use the traditional incandescent bulbs to light up the water and can radiate a yellow, or not-so-attractive greenish, shade. 

These bulbs have a very short lifespan, so you’ll probably end up changing the bulbs one or even twice each year. Given the now available technology and features of halogen and LED pool lights, using incandescent lights makes little sense. In fact, very few users still use these pool lights, especially now that the old incandescent bulbs have been replaced by the more efficient Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL).


Halogen technology works by running power through a tungsten filament, where the tips get evaporated, releasing particles that combined with halogen gas emit a hot and bright light.

After they were introduced, halogen bulbs started replacing incandescent bulbs as they operated with less power (approximately 20% less energy) and were more compact. Nonetheless, halogen costs more than double the price of incandescent bulbs and still has a short lifespan.

Compared to LED lights, halogen bulbs are pretty inefficient and they only generate white light.

LED lights

LED pool lights are the current standard in pool lighting

As you might be guessing, LED pool lights are now the standard when it comes to pool lighting, both for in-ground and above ground pools. There are several reasons that LED lights have become the leaders in pool lighting:

  • They emit more brightness using considerably less energy than halogen and incandescent bulbs.
  • LED lights are long-lasting, with an estimated lifespan of 10 to 15 years!
  • They can generate a wide range of different colors, they require low maintenance and can be easier to replace.
  • LED bulbs are more expensive up front, but compared to the overall expenses a pool requires, it represents a small purchase and they offer a large return in the long run.

Guide to pool lights

In the world of pool lighting, there are tons of options to choose from. You can go over the top with high coloured, high-tech lighting or just keep it clean and simple. Here are some key considerations before you start searching for the perfect pool lights.

Pool size

Your pool size will determine the type and amount of pool lights you need. For example pools sized 15’ x 30’ will only require one light. 20’ x 40’ pools or larger will require two or more lights. 


LED swimming pool lights offer a wide variety of features and innovations so you’ll be able to customize your pool lights to great detail. Some LED pool lights can be programmed to put on multi-colored light shows through smartphone integration, allowing for remote controlling, dimmer switches, etc.

There are even fun options like waterproof, floating LED lights. They come in spherical shapes, ranging from 3 to 24 inches, 16 static RGB colors and 5 brightness levels so you can change the ambiance around your pool. You can even use them for your hot tub.

Last but not least, some pool lights feature an innovative magnetic mounting system, with a simple and straightforward installation, perfect for above ground pools.

Keep in mind that balanced and tested pool water is the best way to keep your pool safe. Sutro will measure and monitor the chemicals of your pool and send you the right treatment options adjusted to your pool needs.
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