Poolside Tech with The Attendant vs. Sutro - What's the best for you?

Poolside Tech with The Attendant vs. Sutro - What's the best for you?

Many brands in the market offer numerous gadgets for innovative pool management technology. Leading brands on the market right now, Sutro and The Attendant take the prime spots for the latest features, pricing, simplicity, and overall better user experience. 

In this comparison, we will closely examine the pros and cons of both pool monitoring systems to help you determine the choice for your needs. 


Sutro is an easy-to-handle smart pool monitor system that keeps track of the water chemistry of your pool/ spa. Its uniquely designed system offers real-time data on water chemistry and determines the elements in the water and their levels. You only need to power it up and float it in your pool water. 

Sutro measures the free Chlorine/Bromine level, pH level, pH, total alkalinity, and water temperature several times daily. Delivering insights through the dedicated Sutro app and personalized recommendations on maintaining water quality. 

Among many advantages, Sutro's user-friendly interface and minimal device setup are the features that truly stand out. Pool owners can easily monitor their pool’s water chemistry through the app and plan maintenance activities accordingly. 

Sutro's subscription model for chemicals and cartridges takes half the burden off pool owners. The company offers deliveries of required chemicals to your doorstep whenever you ask for them. It saves time and provides a hassle-free experience, which will assist you in maintaining your pool even more conveniently. 

Works well with

The water monitor works the following types of Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas: 

  • Chlorine
  • Saltwater
  • Mineral
  • UV
  • Bromine


The price for the Sutro device starts at $499, requiring a monthly subscription of $29 for the primary or $39 for the premium subscription. 

What is included in each package:

  • BASIC ($29/Month)

On-demand cartridges shipped to your doorstep; Expert recommendations based on the chemicals you own, and E-mail & chat support.

  • PREMIUM ($39/Month)

Everything in BASIC + Front line VIP Support with a certified CPO, Weekly Water Health report, Monthly Pool Pro Consultation, and Detailed Historical Graph


  • User-friendly interface and straightforward installation
  • Monitors pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels multiple times a day
  • Real-time monitoring keeps you informed ahead of upcoming problems
  • It tells you when, how much, and which chemicals to add
  • Ships chemicals to your doorstep on demand
  • Hassle-free integration with Google Home
  • Rechargeable and portable


  • It doesn't work with Alexa or Apple Home Kit
  • Subscription-based pricing model and needs monthly cartridge changes

The Attendant from Poolside Tech

Poolside Tech's The Attendant is an efficient and reliable system delivering a remote pool management experience. It supports a wide range of pool accessories and equipment and helps with implementing pool automation systems. 

From minor tasks such as measuring the temperature to building a complex pool management system, the Attendant can help with every chore and upgrade for your pool.

You can use it as a fully-automated or semi-automated system to monitor your pool with a few clicks on your mobile screen. 

One of the most admired features is integrating it with your virtual assistant systems, including Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. It is compatible with almost every pool equipment (heaters, filters, lights, and pool pumps) and can be connected to a control kit. 

Additionally, the Attendant also offers a water testing module called Chemistry. It can be paired with the Attendant to further monitor the water chemistry for pH and ORP (disinfection rate) levels. 

Works well with

PoolTech's Attendant works with all types of pools, hot tubs, and spas which include:

  • Chlorine
  • Saltwater
  • Mineral
  • UV
  • Bromine


There are two models offered by PoolTech: The Attendant and The Attendant + Chemistry. Pool owners can opt for either of these based on their requirements. 

  • The Attendant
    The Attendant unit costs around $3350. The package you receive includes the main controller touchscreen kit and high-voltage relays.
  • The Attendant + Chemistry
    This package costs $3950 and includes the attendant controller and an in-built Chemical Monitoring Module they call 'Chemistry.' 

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cgd_Mjx-els


  • It has many pool management features to control and monitor water chemistry.
  • A detailed breakdown of costs and energy expenditures for various tasks. Plus, a dedicated dashboard for analyzing detailed reports
  • Instant notifications for malfunctioning equipment or unbalanced water chemistry
  • Can control up to 50 serial-connected devices
  • Enhanced compatibility with most Smart Home Systems
  • It lets you customize schedules and can automatically manage them accordingly
  • Easy-to-navigate and user-friendly system interface
  • Remote wi-fi based control monitoring lets you manage your pool from anywhere
  • Works with pool equipment from most vendors
  • Compatible with 110v and 230v power supply


  • The costs seem like a significant initial investment while purchasing the system
  • Pricey and may incur considerable maintenance costs

Final Thoughts

Choosing between Sutro and The Attendant for your pool/spa management eventually depends on your requirements, long-term goals, and budget.

If you have been looking into managing your pool and want full automation delivery - the Attendant will fit your requirements. On the other hand, if you want a pool monitoring system that regularly informs you about your pool's water chemistry, go for Sutro. 

Both offer many features and enhanced capabilities to improve pool management experience. However, the Attendant is almost six times costlier than Sutro and a more complex system to operate and maintain.

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