DIY Pool Pro Tip: Liquid Chlorine Feeder

DIY Pool Pro Tip: Liquid Chlorine Feeder

For pool owners who use liquid chlorine in their pools, adding liquid chlorine over and over can be annoying, and even more so when you are on vacation or if you travel frequently. We wanted to share a solution that one of our customers told us about that makes managing your liquid chlorine easier and helps keep your pool sanitized with a steady level of chlorine.

The product is called the HASA Liquidator and it provides an adjustable flow of dilute chlorine using your existing pool filtration and plumbing system. It’s fairly easy for the DIY pool owner and pool professional to set up and requires little maintenance once it’s installed. 

It uses pressure from your pool return flow to force water into the Liquidator while at the same time using pool suction intake flow to inject the chlorine mixture into your water and disperse it throughout your pool through the pool returns. 

As you add liquid chlorine to the Liquidator it sinks to the bottom and you can easily see when the chlorine bed needs to be refilled. Depending on your CYA level, the Liquidator model, pump run time, and other environmental factors the Liquidator needs refilling every 10 days or so.

Here is an actual Sutro log from a pool maintained with a Liquidator. Notice the consistent chlorine level trend over time and the adjustment made to reduce the flow on the 21st.

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