Pool closing kit use and tips

Pool closing kit use and tips

Closing a pool is an annual ritual for pool owners who live in climates that have winters cold enough to prevent use of their pools year round. As part of closing, the pool needs to be cleaned well and the water needs to be balanced and prepped in order to avoid ending up with a green pool when you are ready to reopen it. 

Let’s take a look at how to use a pool closing kit.

What does a pool closing kit do?

Pool closing kits are an easy way to get all of the chemicals you need to make your pool’s winter nap as uneventful as possible. 

Some closing kits come with hardware to plug your skimmer and return when adding antifreeze and other hardware so you want to pay attention to whether you need an above ground pool closing kit or an in ground pool closing kit

However, if you only need chemicals then there really isn’t a difference between above ground and in ground, and the same goes for a saltwater pool closing kit. The main objective when treating your water for winter is to prevent algae growth and staining

What items do you need to close a pool?

Several companies have bundled chemicals in a package and called the pool closing kits in order to make it easier for owners to have everything needed in one box. 

They typically contain winter formula algaecide, chlorine-free shock, and a sequestering agent to inhibit stains and scale.  

There are several different options to choose from when purchasing a kit and it can be a bit overwhelming at first. The key to finding the best pool closing kit is to consider your local weather patterns and the type of pool you have. 

Each type of pool, whether it’s salt, chlorine, above ground, or in-ground will have different configurations and environments so if you aren’t familiar with closing you should contact a pool pro to discuss or have a pro close it the first time (or maybe every time). 

After you wake your pool from it’s winter slumber, Sutro can help you maximize your time in the pool and minimize the time you have to spend clearing green water

Sutro smart pool monitor tests your water 3 times per day and proactively tells you what to add and how much so that you can focus on enjoying your pool and not have to waste your time and money on fighting cloudy or green water.
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