Summer Smiles Clarita

Summer Smiles Clarita

What is Summer Smiles Clarita and what does it do?

Summer Smiles Clarita is a powerful and fast-acting clarifier that helps improve the effectiveness of your filtration system.

Clarita works by coagulating small particles in the water, which results in larger solids being deposited at the bottom of the pool or captured by the filtration system.

This leaves your water crystal clear. Clarita is not affected by chlorine and is efficient at any pH level, so there’s no need to adjust pH level.

Does Summer Smiles Clarita work with Sutro Pool & Spa Water Monitor?

Yes, Summer Smiles Clarita works with Sutro.

How does it work?

Simply scan Summer Smiles Clarita in your Sutro App and it will tell you exactly what quantity to add to your swimming pool or spa water.

Product presentation:

Summer Smiles Clarita is a product from sani marc and comes in package(s) of 4L.

Manufacturer: sani marc

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