Trevi Alg Zero

Trevi Alg Zero

What is Trevi Alg Zero and what does it do?

Alg Zero is a pool chemical that helps to keep pools clean and free of algae.

This product is a great choice for quickly and effectively destroying all types of algae in pool water, including green, yellow, and black algae. The pre-dosed solid pucks are safe and easy to use and store. Once dissolved, it also help improve filtration and maintain water temperature.

Does Trevi Alg Zero work with Sutro Pool & Spa Water Monitor?

Yes, Alg Zero works with Sutro.

How does it work?

Simply scan Alg Zero in your Sutro App and it will tell you exactly what quantity to add to your swimming pool or spa water.

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The Sutro Water Monitor

Sutro pool monitoring system can help you by testing your water 3x/day and telling you if your sanitizer is low or if your pH and alkalinity are out of range and then telling you how to adjust your water so that you avoid algae