Trevi Salt Control

Trevi Salt Control

What is Trevi Salt Control and what does it do?

There are a few different ways to control salt levels in swimming pools. The most common method is to use a salt chlorinator, which adds a small amount of chlorine to the pool water while also keeping the salt level low. Other methods include adding chemicals to the water or using an ionizer.

Trevi Salt Control delays corrosion to salt cells, and clarifies water for improved quality and bather comfort. It is pH-balanced and will not alter water parameters. Apply just one yearly treatment each spring for best results.

Does Trevi Salt Control work with Sutro Pool & Spa Water Monitor?

Yes, Salt Control works with Sutro.

How does it work?

Simply scan Salt Control in your Sutro App and it will tell you exactly what quantity to add to your swimming pool or spa water.

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