Turbidity – Causes and Remedies

Turbidity – Causes and Remedies

“Wow, that’s some nice turbidity you have going on” says no one – ever! 

If your water is turbid that’s a sign that something is not right and needs to be addressed.

It could even be a sign of dangerous water if it’s caused by a lack of sanitizer.

So what is it, what causes it, and how do you get rid of it?

Turbidity definition

Turbidity is a technical word for the measurement of how cloudy water is and we can define turbidity as clarity or cloudiness based on the number of particles in water.

It is measured with a turbidity meter or turbidity sensor, and the higher the turbidity the less clear water is.

What causes turbidity?

There can be several reasons for turbid water, some that can be a sign of poor water quality and can be potentially harmful to swimmers.

If left unaddressed it can quickly lead to bigger problems and/or unsightly water.

Some of the main causes are contaminants from rain, algae or bacteria growth, or insufficient filtration.

How to reduce turbidity

Consider what could have caused the high turbidity and then test each potential cause against your situation to narrow down where to start.

Here is some more information that can help you troubleshoot and identify a fix.

For much more detailed  information about turbidity you can reference this post from Orenda.

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