How Sutro Works

Find out why Sutro offers more reliable measures than traditional orp-based monitors.

The Sutro Monitor

The Smart Monitor is a water testing robot that floats in your pool (or spa) and is about the size of your forearm. It's a luxurious dark teal color with a waterproof cylinder to confirm no water gets inside of the unit. Inside of the cylinder is a Rechargeable Battery and the Test Cartridge.

The cartridge is powered by reagents from our partner LaMotte (the gold standard in water testing for 100+ years) and Taylor Technologies (a leading manufacturer of products for analyzing water chemistry). On a monthly basis, the test cartridge will need to be replaced (and is included in the cost of your monthly subscription).

The box comes with two rechargeable batteries, one is in the monitor (so it can have power) and the other battery remains to charge in the Hub & Charger unit. We've also included a tether so you can attach Sutro to the side of your pool so it doesn't get in the way when you're swimming or playing in the pool.

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The Hub & Charger

The Hub & Charger is exactly that, a hub and charger unit - combined. The Smart Monitor transmits your pH, free chlorine, and alkalinity to our hub via a sub-GHz link. The Hub then connects to our servers, via your WiFi, so we can calculate what chemicals you should put in your pool. The base is command central for all the data coming to and from the Sutro Unit in your pool (or spa).

We've also packed this hub with a ton of technology. We use 900MHz to communicate with the Monitor in your water, so it can surpass walls, distance, your cover, and the water. A little known fact about WiFi and Bluetooth is it's actually pretty limited around walls (and more importantly water).

The hub also connects to your in-home WiFi network, so think of it's left hand holding a 900MHz connection with the Monitor in your water and it's right hand holding onto your home WiFi connection to send all the information to your app.

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The Sutro App

Our award-winning software makes it easy to take care of your pool (or spa) water for hours of enjoyment. It's simple to use, easy to see, and hard to beat! With eye catching colors, our retro design was thoroughly conceived to make it easy to interact with the app. With a practical design, we focused on what’s important and tried to do as much of the heavy lifting for you as possible.

We will only show you what’s most important so that you can focus on making your water crystal clear, and don't send any unnecessary distractions, or false alerts. Our mission is to make it as simple and seamless for you to see exactly what's going on with your water.

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  • "Love mine! For someone that has no experience with a pool this has been a lifesaver and saves so many trips to the pool store. The easy instructions have really helped us. Yes, the price is expensive at the start but really worth it. I’m in total control of my pool and save over a month since I don’t need a pool service."

    — Kris Hedrick

  • "Saves me trips to get water checked and also let’s me tell my daughter who lives near by what needs to be done when I’m away, so the pool doesn’t get out of wack when I’m not there."

    — Ric W.

  • "I was able to determine why our pool is constantly having issues when taken care of by a 2nd party, and take care of it myself without much more effort than I was already exercising."

    - Keith H.