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Maintaining Pool And Spa Water Balanced with Sutro and HASA Liquid Feeder™

Using the HASA Liquid Feeder™ with Sutro

Two of the biggest mistakes new pool owners make is not testing their water often enough and not having enough chlorine in their water. A lack of chlorine is an invitation for algae and other problems that can be easily avoided. 

The HASA Liquid Feeder™ (HLF) and the Sutro pool monitor are two popular tools that can help you maintain the water quality and chemistry of your swimming pool. 

The HLF is a convenient way to automatically dispense liquid chlorine into your pool, while the Sutro pool monitor uses advanced technology to track and monitor the chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity levels in your water.

Easy to use

Using the HLF is easy. It connects to your existing pool plumbing and automatically dispenses liquid chlorine when your pool pump is running. It has a control valve that lets you adjust the flow according to your specific needs and all you need to do is refill the chlorine periodically as it is consumed. 

On average you will need to refill it biweekly, depending on the strength of the chlorine and the demand from your pool.

The Sutro pool monitor is a smart device that uses professional grade liquid reagents to measure the free chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity levels in your pool water three times per day and gives you specific treatment instructions based on your pool and your choice of chemicals

The monitor connects to your home's WiFi network and the Sutro app provides real-time updates on the water chemistry and alerts you if any levels are outside of the recommended range.

By precisely monitoring the free chlorine levels with Sutro you can dial in the HLF to dispense just the right amount of chlorine and be confident that your water is properly sanitized all the time.

Together they are powerful

Together, the HLF and the Sutro pool monitor provide an effective and efficient way to manage the water chemistry of your pool. 
By automating the chlorine dosing with the HLF and continuously monitoring the water quality with Sutro, you can enjoy a clean and healthy pool with minimal effort.

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