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(Pre-Order) Sutro Automated Inline Chemical Monitor

(Pre-Order) Sutro Automated Inline Chemical Monitor

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At Sutro, we aim to make managing a pool and spa as simple as possible.

That’s why we hope to introduce a new product - the Sutro Inline Water Monitoring System - which allows seamless water monitoring from the award-winning Sutro app.

This new offering allows pool builders, recreational managers, and savvy homeowners to use Sutro technology seamlessly integrated with their existing pool equipment.

We're on a mission to make it easy to maintain a perfectly balanced pool or spa without fiddling with water samples, test strips, or messy test kits. Simply set up the system and check your phone for up-to-date readings and advice for balancing your water chemistry when necessary.

This is PRE-ORDER only and the physical product is expected to ship in October of 2024. If for any reason the product does not ship, we will refund your order.

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What's Included?

💧 Sutro Inline Pool & Spa Water Monitoring System: The cylinder-like core component of the system with T-Junction for connecting to existing plumbing.

💧 Hub & Charger Unit: The Sutro Smart Monitor is designed to connect to your home wifi, allowing users to remotely access real-time water quality data.

💧 Mobile App: Sutro provides a complimentary mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android devices. The app allows users to view water quality data, receive alerts, and access historical information. The system is equipped to send alerts and notifications to users when water parameters fall outside the desired ranges. This feature helps users take prompt action to maintain water quality.


✅ Real-time Monitoring: Inline pool water monitors provide real-time data on important water quality parameters. This allows pool owners or operators to identify any issues and take prompt corrective actions quickly.

✅ Accuracy: Sutro uses advanced sensors to measure pH levels, alkalinity, chlorine concentration, temperature, and more accurately. This ensures the pool water is maintained within the desired ranges for optimal safety and comfort.

✅ Prevention of Issues: By constantly monitoring water quality, inline monitors help prevent potential problems such as algae growth, bacterial contamination, and equipment damage. Early detection allows for proactive measures to maintain water clarity and sanitation.

✅ Cost Savings: You can avoid overusing chemicals, which will result in cost savings. Continuous monitoring can result in more efficient use of chemicals. By adjusting chemical dosages based on real-time data, you can avoid overusing chemicals, leading to cost savings over time.

✅ User-Friendly: Our app and system are incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, with a sleek retro design that’s easy to navigate. With eye-catching colors, our retro design was thoroughly conceived to make it easy to interact with the app. With a practical design, we focused on what’s important and tried to do as much of the heavy lifting for you as possible.

✅ Convenience: Users can access the water quality data remotely through a mobile app or online platform. This convenience is especially valuable for pool owners who want to check and manage their pool or spa conditions from anywhere, providing peace of mind and saving time.

  • Chlorine Pool/Spa

    No matter whether you use pool chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine, ditch the chlorine test strips and let Sutro help you keep your water clean and clear so your pool will always be ready when you are!

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  • Saltwater Pool/Spa

    Sutro can help you manage your salt chlorine generator by checking your chlorine levels 3x/day and letting you know real-time if you need to adjust your chlorine generator or if your pH or alkalinity is out of range.

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  • Mineral/UV Pool/Spa

    Even with these systems there is still a need to maintain a lower concentration of chlorine or bromine. Sutro can guide you with custom treatment recommendations for pH, alkalinity, and chlorine/bromine so that your pool is always ready when you are!

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  • Bromine Pool/Spa

    Sutro can help you keep an eye on your bromine levels so your water stays clean and clear. Ditch the inferior bromine test strips and let Sutro provide you with treatment recommendations so you can rest assured that your pool will be ready when you are!

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