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Sutro, Inc

Sutro Gift Card

Sutro Gift Card

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The Perfect Present for Pool Lovers!

Looking for the ideal gift for the pool enthusiast in your life? Look no further than the Sutro Gift Card! This thoughtful and versatile gift card grants your loved one access to the incredible world of the automated Sutro System, a cutting-edge pool management solution that makes pool ownership a breeze. If they already own a Sutro, this can also be used to pay for upcoming cartridges and service fees.

With the Sutro Gift Card, your recipient can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having their very own Sutro robot. Here's what they can look forward to:

Effortless Water Monitoring: The Sutro System continuously monitors their pool or spa water, providing real-time data and automatic alerts right to their smartphone. No more guesswork or manual testing - just crystal-clear water, always.

Chemical Management Simplified: Say goodbye to the hassle of balancing pool chemicals. Sutro calculates precise recommendations so your loved one can enjoy a perfectly balanced pool without the fuss.

Energy Efficiency: The Sutro System optimizes pool equipment usage, helping them save on energy bills while reducing their carbon footprint.

Peace of Mind: With automated alerts, they'll be notified of any issues or potential problems with their pool, allowing for quick action and preventing costly damage.

User-Friendly App: Sutro's intuitive mobile app makes it easy to access all pool data and settings from anywhere, ensuring their pool is always in top condition.

Whether they're a seasoned pool pro or a newbie pool owner, the Sutro Gift Card is the gift that keeps on giving. It's the key to a stress-free, perfectly maintained pool or spa year-round.

Surprise your friends, family, or colleagues with the gift of relaxation and poolside enjoyment. Give them the Sutro Gift Card today, and let them dive into a world of pool perfection!

Note: This is a digital gift card that will be sent via email. No physical card will be delivered. If you would like to order a physical card, please email us at

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How Does It Work?

The Sutro Smart Water Monitor makes it easy to maintain a perfectly balanced pool or spa without having to fiddle with water samples, test strips, or messy test kits. Simply drop the monitor into your pool and check your phone for up-to-date readings and advice for balancing its water chemistry when necessary.

Why Sutro?

Sutro saves you time and money. The app sends you quick readings 3x/day so you always know your exact pool chemistry. Never add in chemicals that your water doesn't need.


All you need is a pool or spa and an internet connection for Sutro to work. Our device works great with chlorine, salt water, mineral, and bromine pools and spas.


Today, you will purchase the Sutro Sytem for $499. Once you receive your device, you will be able to choose premium ($39/mo) or basic ($29/mo) service within the Sutro App. This includes the cost of monthly cartridges shipped to your doorstep.

Customer Service

We're on standby. Sutro's success team is available at the click of a button to solve your water problems.

"I ordered one and I can't wait to use it in my pool. This will save me from having to go out every morning checking water balance. Plus, I don't know what I'm doing if the water gets too imbalanced. I'm super excited."


  • Chlorine Pool/Spa

    No matter whether you use pool chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine, ditch the chlorine test strips and let Sutro help you keep your water clean and clear so your pool will always be ready when you are!

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  • Saltwater Pool/Spa

    Sutro can help you manage your salt chlorine generator by checking your chlorine levels 3x/day and letting you know real-time if you need to adjust your chlorine generator or if your pH or alkalinity is out of range.

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  • Mineral/UV Pool/Spa

    Even with these systems there is still a need to maintain a lower concentration of chlorine or bromine. Sutro can guide you with custom treatment recommendations for pH, alkalinity, and chlorine/bromine so that your pool is always ready when you are!

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  • Bromine Pool/Spa

    Sutro can help you keep an eye on your bromine levels so your water stays clean and clear. Ditch the inferior bromine test strips and let Sutro provide you with treatment recommendations so you can rest assured that your pool will be ready when you are!

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